Anna Dreinberg
Anna Dreinberg

VR Showroom for mobile app Verified Icon

We create to consumer virtual reality stores to help elevate e-commerce by allowing consumers to walk around replicas of your retail stores and purchase products. There is a prototype of a real VR showroom for Android and iOS on video. The mechanics of moving by points by hovering the pointer over the emitters used because the mobile app was launched on Asian cardboards and other low cost devices, and is designed for the mass viewer. That is a person come, for example, at an exhibition, he take a branded cardboard as a promo, he download an app with a VR showroom, and can continue his experience in VR-space anywhere. A similar practice is used in the B2B segment to immersive introduce the fashion-collection.


Software Used:
  • Cinema 4D
  • Unity
  • Substance 3D Painter
  • Marvelous Designer


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