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Five new-generation brands selected by Vogue Talents  created, in collaboration with THE DEMATERIALISED, the digital version of  a number of garments from their collections that was unveiled for the first time on The World of Vogue Talents, and was then available for purchase (started from September 23). Each NFT purchased will enable to plant, in collaboration with Re:Earth, a mangrove tree – which can absorb up to 3 or 4 times more Co2 than other trees – in Madagascar. Moreover, proceeds from sales will go to support the creation of a collection from one of the new-gen digital designers in February 2022. Brands that collaborated: Cormio, Federico Cina, Marco Rambaldi, Niccolò Pasqualetti, Vivetta. The collection can viewed in AR and wear with Snapchat. Use the exclusive code DMAT-VT to log onto NFT store here.


NFT Vogue Talents Federico

NFT Vogue Talents Cormio


NFT Vogue Talents Marco

NFT Vogue Talents Niccolo

NFT Vogue Talents Vivetta


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