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The Future of the Fashion Industry shaped by Technology: Upgrading the Fashion Industry Verified Icon

The simplest and most practical fashion technology guide on earth!

Every fashion business wants to sell more, be profitable, sustainable while taking fewer risks. But few fashion businesses and professionals invest the time into setting up innovative systems today, to get the right sh** done tomorrow. That’s where Times New Fashion comes in.

It may be one of the oldest trades, but the fashion industry has come a long way from the early days of handcrafting. Once considered a labor-intensive craft, fashion has now become a heavily technology-driven process. In the book, Lui Iarocheski will guide you through the intersection of Fashion and technology and show us how this fusion is bringing the industry towards more sustainable practices. In the end, you will have an overview of how technology is shaping the Future of Fashion and get inspiration on how to start future-proof fashion businesses.

The Digital Divide

In the last decade, an incredible set of tools (think 3D Digital Product Creation, PLMs, cloud computing, AI, 3D printing, smart textiles, NFTs, etc.) have emerged, allowing you to accomplish more with less effort. But the proliferation of these tools has also created a big skill and productivity gap in the fashion industry. The people who have invested in these new systems have created massive personal leverage. Others remain on the hamster wheel of life, often overwhelmed and anxious as they try to navigate the flood of information and tools in the digital world.

Times New Fashion bridges this gap by setting up a landscape of technological innovations moving the industry towards a promising future.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Learning how to leverage modern tools is not rocket science. Times New Fashion will show you how the future of Fashion relies as much on creativity as on tech.

The goal is to give you a blueprint of innovations that often go unnoticed when we are struggling with the “hamster wheel” that can help you be exponentially more valuable in your job, and create – or pivot – a fashion business into a bright future.

Times New Fashion cuts through fluffy tech hacks, bits, and bytes, and most importantly, it helps you with the essential inspiration on things you can do immediately so that you can be on the media covers for the right reasons.

You’ll dive into:

  • A summary of the key impacts of the Industrial Revolutions
  • Overproduction and the unsustainable side of Fashion
  • Technology innovations and models of production leveraging sustainability
  • 3D Digital Product Creation
  • 3D printing and smart textiles
  • AI and Data-driven fashion
  • The intersection of Gaming and Fashion
  • NFTs
  • and more.

If you have future-proof skills, you can make money on whatever is next for fashion.

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