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Mark Wilcox


The Digital Fashion Revolution

The Digital Fashion Revolution: Save the Environment While Looking Amazing With NFT and 3D Modeling. What if there was a way to produce a photo featuring you in an unique outfit without taking up any room in your closet? Digital Fashion Revolution will help you create amazing social media content using the latest in technology including non-fungible tokens or NFT. You will be on the cutting edge of style with NFT Digital Fashion. You can buy amazing clothes that look like real clothes even though they don’t actually exist! And because the outfits are virtual, the designs and textures are only limited by your imagination. Want to wear shoes with flames coming out of them? You can with digital fashion. Want to wear a hat that grows flowers out of its crown? You can with digital fashion.

In this course you will:

  • Become an expert in digital fashion
  • Learn how to find digital fashion outfits
  • Be on top of digital trends in fashion
  • Get inspiration for your next social media post
  • Make your friends jealous with your digitally styled outfits
  • You’ll be able to post your own digital fashion show on social media within a week
  • Be the first in your group of friends to know about this new trend
  • Express yourself through fashion
  • Feel good about yourself by doing your part in reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry

Be a part of the Digital Fashion Revolution. Learn how to make creative outfits with digital fashion. All you need is a phone and some creativity!

The course includes:

  • A book containing 5 text lessons
  • 5 video lessons
  • 10 video resources

You can go at your own pace. Your first digital fashion show could be posted on your social media within a week. And you don’t even need to ship or store any clothes. Even better, every outfit will be in your size!

Plus thanks to the emergence of NFT marketplaces you can collect (or trade or sell) your digital outfits just like you would your physical outfits without the hassle of going to the post office.

Fashion is changing. It’s time to change with it.

Digital Fashion Revolution is a course that will teach you everything you need to know about digital fashion. You’ll be able to purchase outfits from the comfort of your own home and then transform these into beautiful, engaging content on your favorite social media platform.

The course is broken up into 5 lessons with 10 video resources so it can go at your own pace.

  • Get an understanding of digital fashion
  • Learn what it is and how to buy your own outfits for the future
  • Increase engagement on social media with fresh content
  • Transform your social media into an influential digital fashion account that will attract new followers
  • Learn how to have instant access to a wide variety of fashion outfits
  • Express yourself digitally without worry about what you look like in person
  • Get all the knowledge you need without having to do hours of research
  • Stop being bored by the same old things on social media and post something different

Within a week, you could be posting your first show on social media! And don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start – we’ll walk through each lesson step by step.

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