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A virtual world, build with gamification best practices in mind allows brands to interact and engage their target audience without limitation of time and space, creating a more immersive experience and personal connection. Semblance is an extension for immersing the fashion industry. Imagine a new opportunity to create and immerse audiences into your brand’s own world. The platform enables heritage brands to connect with new age consumers through engaging stories, displays, quests and enhanced experiences. By holding space for the fashion industry in an ever evolving digital world, Semblance is a more sustainable solution with less physical wastage and more data driven decisions which also creates access to multiple markets and revenue streams. Using a 3D, Virtual World built in Unreal Engine and accessible through Semblance Project will allow Luxury brands to build whole new worlds for their audiences. To create Limited time Events, VIP experiences, fashion shows and gamified touch points.

Enter in a virtual world of brands free from distance or space, where fashion can be exhibited, explored and experienced. The metaverse is the new social network and the future of ecommerce.


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