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Jason Lee


Metaverse Transformation: The Metaverse is coming Verified Icon

“In 2024, we will spend more time in 3D virtual worlds than in the current 2D Internet world,” predicted futurist Roger James Hamilton. In fact, the average daily usage time of Roblox users was longer than that of TikTok or YouTube. Along with IT experts’ assessment that metaverse will be the next version of the Internet, fierce competition is expected through active technology development and investment by global companies. Therefore, efforts are needed to create new values and create an industry foundation in the upcoming metaverse era.

Now metaverse are not just a passing trend. Metaverse is sweeping us with huge and rapid changes that we should call a new civilization. Like the innovation of civilization brought by spices from the Middle Ages in the past, metaverse will be a new change that will shake the world. From now on, metaverse should be free from the preconception that it is just a children’s entertainment tool and prepare for the changes that the new digital world will bring. This is because in the era of metaverse, a revolution in the form of business will take place and be an opportunity for companies to do quantum jumps. If you are looking for opportunities for future businesses, you will be able to understand and prepare metaverse, which you have been vaguely thinking about, and preoccupy the era of virtual convergence economy.

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