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Kevin Peterson
Kevin Peterson


Make Money Making 3D Models Verified Icon

Make Money Making 3D Models: An unauthorized guide to publish and maximize your earnings at DAZ and other 3D stores. A practical guide to publishing and maximizing your earning potential at DAZ and other 3D stores. This short guide is intended for both established and new artists to quickly learn the ins and outs of the 3D model industry. Based on over a decade of experience, this book will help you create more and maximize your earning potential.

While this book is mostly centered in the publishing experience at DAZ 3D, the tips and guidance apply across all of the 3d market and just about any freelance industry. There are 16 short quick to read chapters so that you can spend less time reading and more time creating. Each chapter is also summarized in a short statement, so you know what you are about to learn and can easily skip any parts that are not relevant or interesting to you.

The 3D market is full of amazing and great people and I hope this guide helps them reach their potential in this market.

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