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Try digital clothing on your digital twin! in3D brings the scanning, and provides the digital clothing. Many months of development, several postponed release dates, but finally we are ready to show it. 

Scan your body and try on fashion

Digital fashion start-ups – and IN3D – teamed up to open an online space where you can make your own 3D avatar using a smartphone. It takes three minutes to scan your body, and then you can try on digital clothes as much as you like.

The fitting room is available on the website, as well as in the IN3D application. There are a few base avatars and a showroom with 16 complete looks, 19 options for the top and 15 options for the bottom. The garments mainly come from the replicant designers’ – Jessica James, Enye, Passgoaltriple, HADEEART, Non-flam, Camilla Gasretova, Kapsamun, Diana Arno, Kerkinitida, KAY Lab, AKOA.

You can also experiment with the looks from the first CYBR OFF-WORLD digital drop, ophelica designs made by the founder of Regina Turbina or magic digital garments designed by Fabricant digital fashion house.

How to

To make the exact digital copy of your body, you will need an iPhone (10th or higher) and three minutes of your time. First, you need to download the application (there is a link in the ‘Scan my body’ button), point the camera over the QR code and scan yourself (the application will advise how to do it right). That’s it. Your photorealistic digital twin will pop up in the fitting room automatically.


Such collaborations are the evolution of a global trend changing the fashion industry, which is still very conservative and far from being sustainable. The industry is just discovering new ways of production and consumption and the opportunities provided by digital fashion. Tech plays a crucial role here. Replicant has been exploring the digital fashion space for more than a year, and we can see the full potential. This is a new way of interacting with clothing, the next step in self-expression and self-perception when it comes to fashion.

You can literally feel the garments on your digital twin, see if they match your style or fit you well. At the same time, you can try out some incredible looks or choose the best looking outfit. You can also try on digital copies of real physical garments from traditional brands to pre-order them. Digital transformation gives the industry a chance to live without overproduction and overconsumption.

IN3D digital avatars are also your complete digital incarnations that you can use outside the fitting room. For example, in games or metaverses, since you can export them as a file. There are just a few options now, but let’s meet again in a couple of years in some digital galaxy far far away to chat about the latest trends in digital NFT AR fashion and remember how it all started.

We believe that the digitalization of the fashion industry brings benefits to everyone: better scalability for businesses, more confidence, and engagement for consumers (and totally new digital-only looks), less waste for our planet.

Great to be taking part in this transformation!

Virtual try-on (desktop only) here
The mobile app here.



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