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in3D is a deep tech digitizing people into photorealistic 3D models. We provide access to realistic personal avatars for AR/VR ,GameDev, Fitness applications, and Fashion e-commerce.

Create your avatar now and start playing games as yourself, try-on clothes and different styles to see how it fits your body. Create tons of fun and engaging animations that you can share with your friends!

With in3D, you can replicate yourself into a photorealistic 3D avatar with your phone camera. Create your photorealistic 3D avatar in ten seconds, with one simple video record of your “selfie”.


• Try-on clothes and styles on your avatar

• Photorealistic fit and style of clothes on your avatar

• Change tops, pants, dresses, shoes and create your own look and style

• Share and recommend fashion styles to your friends

• Full 360 view of the avatar body

• Easy zoom on specific body parts

• Total control of camera angle

• Scan QR code to connect your avatar with our web Virtual Fitting Room



• Animate your avatar: Make your avatar kick, backflip, dance, and much more

• Share animations with your friends

• Record videos of your avatar

• Export your 3D model in GLB and FBX formats

• Change your avatar head

• Record videos of your avatar in AR

• And many more fun animations to come!



• Play as yourself in GTA V

• Export your avatar model to Second Life

• Create your own avatar for VR chat



Share your avatar directly to your favourite social networks. Export your 3D model for new creative uses with yourself in the center.

Download here.



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