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The #makingstrides collection showcased the final 20 designs as part of the Fabricant x Karlie Kloss digital fashion collab.

The 20 creators each had their own profile on KnownOrigin and tokenized their own artworks as part of this intuitive, this was a truly unique opportunity for collectors to own a rare Adidas x Karlie Kloss digital artwork #NFT created by some of the worlds best 3D & digital fashion designers. The Auction started on the 12th March 9pm UTC during the virtual exhibition in Decentraland. The 20 pieces was on display in the KnownOrigin Galley and the auction ran for 4 days. At the end of the auction the highest bids accepted by the artists and the artworks transferred automatically to the new owners.

Into the meteverse Decentraland people had an opportunity to meet the artists and team behind this amazing project and enjoy all the artworks on display.

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