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Sandy Appleoff Lyons
Sandy Appleoff Lyons


Costume Design for Video Games: An Exploration of Historical and Fantastical Skins Verified Icon

Costume Design for Video Games: An Exploration of Historical and Fantastical Skins explores the rich and colorful history of fashion throughout the ages. Each page goes into detail concerning the social significance of Iconic period pieces. From the real and the imagined, Costume Design for Video Games highlights the development of costumes and characters that pertain to plots, scenarios, and visionary goals, while also exploring silhouettes and the aesthetics of various eras. This survey of costume design for the video game market includes an exploration of the aesthetics of historical, fantasy, and futuristic influences.

Not only does the text help in illustrating an assortment of styles, but Sandy Appleoff Lyons also helps to facilitate creative problem-solving as it applies to costume design and the design principles applied. This is uniquely done through a reader project, which in turn builds and implements research skills and the creation of authentic designs.

Key Features:

  • This book is not about replicating what already exists; it gives the reader the tools needed in order to understand the design principles and how to apply them to costumes.
  • Through the comprehensive understanding of history, fashion, costumes, and cultural impacts, the readers will be able to expand their creativity and knowledge to help increase the narrative subtext and the stories of costumed figures.
  • Readers are given tools for creative problem-solving to create authentic, original costumes.
  • Text includes a glossary and sidebars covering materials rendering, color history, design principles, and meaning.
  • Key terms and style sheets with layout training and cited historical examples help ground the reader with strong visuals.

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